Interview with Jenia Yard from @every.thing.shapes.us


Who is Jen?

My name is Jen and I live in California, USA.

Are you knitting socks as a hobby or professional?

I started to knit socks 3 years ago because I wanted to have some hand knitted, warm and cozy socks 🧦 😊 and since then I’ve knitted many pairs for my daughter, myself and as presents. This year I opened my Etsy shop EveryThingShapesUs and already sold many pairs of socks. I’m so glad people love my colourful socks 😊🧦

Approximately how long does it take you to knit a pair of socks?

To knit a pair of socks usually takes me 5-7 days.

Do you have another job as well?

I am staying at home mom, I have a husband, two kids, two dogs and a cat. To take care of them all is my never-ending job 😊

Do you hope to live on Selling your socks?

I hope that I will enjoy knitting as long as possible and if people will like my socks, or toys, or whatever else I knit and crochet – I will sell it. But I prefer to have my own idea, vision of what I want to create/knit, I don’t like to take an order and do just that. I like to let my creativity fly 😊

Do you knit outside your home? In the bus, at the Beach and so on?

I knit mostly at home – inside in my creative corner, or outside in the garden. Sometimes, if we go on a trip, I knit in the car 🚗 (while my husband’s driving).

Do you have an advice for other, who would like to start their own shop?

😊 Well, since I’m rather a new shop owner myself I only can give a general advice, because I’m still learning as I go how to do business online. My advice would be – don’t give up your dream just because it may seem complicated to bring it to life. Make reasonable goals, break the process into small steps and do it. Everything is possible if you start really thinking about it and do it! 🤓

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